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Why Elite Natural?


Elite Natural has a high standard about the quality of our lingzhi cracked spores oil capsules. Quality control of our products begins from the search for raw materials in the Anhui province, followed by a unique production process in our factory located in the Guangzhou Science Park. Satisfaction with the strict specifications required by the Singapore HSA indicates the importance of quality check in every procedure throughout farming and manufacturing and from field to consumer.


Elite Natural though a relatively new entrant to the Lingzhi market showcase superior products that we are confident that our quality is able to match and even exceed the standards of those that are presently in the market.  Backed by research work done by prominent researchers and scientists, we are confident that the wide range of benefits it will bring to the users would be insurmountable.

Cost is always a consideration for new customers as it is indeed a product that is more costly compared to the other supplements.  But the benefits it derives as a result of those who are willing to try or have little choice but to try is undoubtedly positive.  As such, we pride ourselves in bringing the products at a affordable level to our competitors.  Elite Natural is also bringing the Spores Oil which is dominated currently by a prominent brand at a more palatable cost.  In our range of products, Elite Natural also have the well-established spores that most consumers are more familiar with also at a very attractive price.

Efficacy is one major factor that most consumers is ignorant to. Normal consumers will be put off by the price when considering between the conventional spores capsules versus the spores oil capsules. Let us use our product range as an illustration to demonstrate how our products can deliver the same benefits with a more affordable solution.

  • 1 spore oil capsule is equivalent to 15 capsules in terms of potency.
  • 1 spore oil capsule is retailing at $35
  • 1 spore capsule is retailing at $4  – therefore at 15 capsules, it would actually cost the consumer $60 for similar potency


Our team with contacts as listed in the Contact list  together with Dr. Kathy are available to advice anyone who are interested to know more and for any upcoming events or promotions.  Elite Natural aims to reduce the ongoing cost with the consumers in mind to help them migrate to a combination of products while maintaining the same benefits.

We shall not blatantly published or directly compare the prices amongst our competitors but can confidently assure all consumers that our retail price is amongst the lowest with the same or better grades of products. Needless to say that with bundled sales or whenever there is a special promotion, what Elite Natural can provide would be an irresistible package for personal consumption or as gifts for dear ones and friends.